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Frankfurt Exhibition Product Technology Sharing Conference

HUIDA 2019-04-03

The "Big Design, Small Trends -- 2019 Tianyan Exhibition of Frankfurt Exhibition" hosted by zhongjienet was held in Foshan on April 3rd. Dong Chunsong, director of Huida Sanitary Products Design Department, was invited to attend the sharing meeting with the famous space designer Shao Weiwei from taiwai, Value creator Lin Jin of Jiangshichuangke called “Bathroom Encyclopedia”, Creative Director - Du Ruihua of Creative Integration Co., Ltd., and Major domestic sanitary ware brand design, technical director and other guests gathered together to compare the similarities and differences of Chinese and foreign products, and interpret the highlights and development trends of the Frankfurt bathroom exhibition in Germany.



The Frankfurt Bathroom Show of this year attracted exhibitors from 59 countries and regions around the world, including almost all internationally renowned sanitary ware brands. It is a veritable global sanitary vane. The Chinese sanitary ware enterprises represented by HUIDA collectively unveiled at the Frankfurt exhibition to showcase the innovative products and cutting-edge technologies of Chinese sanitary wares to the international sanitary ware industry. HUIDA is also unveiled at the International Pavilion. It has been competing with international brands for many years and has demonstrated the brand strength of Chinese Sanitary Ware in the international high-level sanitary market.


At present, Chinese sanitary ware industry is fully catching up with international brands in the domestic and international markets. HUIDA has been deeply developed in the international market for a long time. Operated by independent brands in more than 70 countries and regions around the world, HUIDA has become a promoter of Chinese Sanitary Ware brand. At the sharing meeting, Dong Chunsong expressed his views on the issue of “Export sanitary ware products, what should you pay attention to?” He said that the products of domestic sanitary ware enterprises have been done very well, but still need to pay attention to some details, such as the layout and display of the construction process, product internal structure and quick-load structure of the exhibition hall So that consumers can intuitively understand the function and characteristics of the product. Dong Chunsong suggested that national brands need to continuously innovate and develop from three aspects: deepening user needs, ingenuity design and research technology, in order to enhance themselves and further expand at international exhibitions.


In this industry technology exchange summit, Dong Chunsong's sharing conveyed a principle that Huida Sanitary has always adhered to-- products are always the origin of enterprise development. Only by deepening user’s needs, designing for life, adhering to technology-driven, and innovative, can we provide users with a better bathroom experience, catch up with and surpass international brands.

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